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SPCA Merchandise Consignment & Donation Tin

We welcome self-initiated fundraising activities, and are more than willing to support you by providing our educational flyers and leaflets or our merchandise for sale.

We also welcome individuals to help us by taking an SPCA tin wherever you spot an opportunity to gather donations, e.g. when you participate in a bazaar/roadshow, in your school/workplace, etc.

We are also keen to explore other opportunities for collaboration.

Have a fantastic idea to help raise funds for the animals? We would like to hear from you! Simply fill in the Request Form above and we will contact you shortly.


Legacy Giving

One of the most valuable ways you can help in continuing our animal welfare work is by leaving us a gift (bequest) in your will. e.g. bequeathing a percentage of, or one of the policies from your life insurance proceeds, CPF monies and other movable or immovable assets to the SPCA.

If you wish to leave a gift to SPCA, please email or call 62875355 ext 21.

Thank you for your support in allowing us to continue promoting kindness and preventing cruelty to animals.

Have a birthday party coming up and want to do something philanthropic with your presents and gifts? Using this online platform, you can create your own campaigns and channel donations towards the SPCA.

You can choose to give to us in so many ways – be it birthday parties, festive occasions like Christmas or Chinese New Year, or even personal milestones like your first running marathon or graduation ceremony. The money collected will be channeled as donations towards the SPCA.

If you’d just like to contribute towards our general fund, you can visit our existing donation page.


Animal Food Donation

You are more than welcome to organise pet food donation drives and/or donate food for our animals. At SPCA, we feed the animals a consistent diet of good quality food. So, we would appreciate it if you could donate the following brands of animal food. You can deliver the food to the SPCA from Mon-Sun between 8am-5pm. Some of these products are also available at the our Merchandise Shop at our premises at 50 Sungei Tengah Road. You are welcome to buy on site and donate it to the animals. 


Science Diet Puppy Original Chicken Dry Dog Food (Healthy Development)
Science Diet Puppy Chicken Canned Dog Food

Adult Dog

Science Diet Adult Small Bites Dry Dog Food
Science Diet Adult Chicken Canned Dog Food
Pyramid Dog Canned Food


Science Diet Kitten Original Dry Food (Healthy Development)

Adult Cat

Science Diet Feline Adult Indoor Dry Cat Food
Fussie Cat Canned Food (Any Flavour)


Oxbow Bunny Basic Adult Rabbit Food
Momi First Cut Timothy Hay
Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

Guinea Pig

Oxbow Adult Guinea Pig Food


Any Brand of Hamster Food