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Some of these animals may be adopted or could be pending adoption as you are reading their profiles. Please give us a call at 6287 5355 ext 24 to verify the adoption status of the animal you are interested in. Thank you very much!

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Colour Match
Gender: Female
Breed: Wired Hair Jack Russell Terrier
Colour: Brown / White
Age: 6 yrs 1 mth
HDB Approved 

This little lady cannot wait to meet her forever family! She is a very sweet little dog with a lot to offer her new owners. She can be a bit of a worried girl at times and so would prefer to live with older children.

Gender: Male
Breed: Golden Retriever
Colour: Golden Brown
Age: 5 yrs
Not HDB Approved 
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Simba is a quirky yet charismatic little chap who needs a quiet home. He is best suited to an adult-only home with no other pets as he is not comfortable with other pets and children.

Gender: Male
Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Colour: Black / White
Age: 5 yrs 2 mths
Not HDB Approved 

This handsome boy is looking for a home where he can gain confidence and feel settled. He is very sweet and loves the company of people that he has bonded with. He can  live with older teenage children and would like to be the only pet in the home.

Gender: Male
Breed: Cross Breed
Colour: Brown/Tan
Age: 4 yrs 10 mths
HDB Approved 
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Rover is an energetic boy who loves to go on his walks. He's currently learning good manners to be calm and polite while interacting with humans and is showing progress. Vocal, Rover barks to tell you what he wants. Rover is not picky with food and will give his utmost attention to you during training when food is used. Also, give him a bone and he will be super happy and contented!  This bubbly boy would like a human buddy to play with him and pet him. Give him a good rub on his neck and back and he will reciprocate with tons of love! HDB approved under Project ADORE (click on link for more details).


Gender: Male
Breed: Cross Breed
Colour: Tan/White
Age: 6 yrs 5 mths
HDB Approved 
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Life in a shelter can be pretty mundane for a grown boy like Wells, but he looks forward to two things everyday: Going for a walk and returning to curl up in his bed! Wells learns well (no pun intended) when situations or challenges are turned into games – this was how he overcame his fear of climbing overhead bridges. He may be a little harder to please when it comes to food, but once you find out what appeals to him, you will find him clamouring for more! Being slightly smaller than most Singapore Specials, Project Adore has given Wells a better shot at finding a place to call home, and should be seriously considered by HDB-owners looking to adopt a dog. HDB approved under Project ADORE (click on link for more details). 


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