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Animals react differently towards different people. We highly encourage potential adopters to visit the animals personally to learn more about them from our shelter staff members. Together with an interaction session, you will then be able to see for yourself how well the animal can get along with you and your family.

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Colour Match
Gender: Male
Breed: X breed
Colour: Black
Age: 1 yr 4 mths
Not HDB Approved 

Meet Blondie! While he may not catch your eye at  first glance, taking the time to know him is worth it. A little insecure and shy, he prefers not to have things move too fast. But when you have gotten to know him better, you will find this dog's smile priceless. Blondie is a playful companion who takes joy in every treat you give him. Would you give this wallflower a chance?



Gender: Female
Breed: X Breed
Colour: Black Beige
Age: 2 yrs 9 mths
Not HDB Approved 
More Pictures

Sunny, like her name, has a sunny and playful personality! She is an active and high energy girl. She is looking for an experienced owner who can keep up with her active lifestyle.


  • Playing fetch
  • Learning new tricks to stimulate her mind (She can pick it up quickly!)


  • Introducing her to other dogs
  • Allowing kids to handle her

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