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Some of these animals may be adopted or could be pending adoption as you are reading their profiles. Please give us a call at 6287 5355 ext 24 to verify the adoption status of the animal you are interested in. Thank you very much!

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Colour Match
Gender: Female
Breed: Cross Breed
Colour: Brown/Tan
Age: 5 mths
Not HDB Approved 

Duffy is energetic and happy and looking for a forever home. She will need a lot of tender loving care and a family who will love her for the rest of her life.

Gender: Male
Breed: Cross-Poodle
Colour: Grey/White
Age: 7 yrs 1 mth
HDB Approved 

Gizmo is a Cross-Poodle . Cutest little thing. He's a little darling  that you just want to protect and love.

Gender: Male
Breed: Cross-Breed
Colour: Brown
Age: 4 mths
Not HDB Approved 

Elifie is a lovely full brown mongrel and is playful and friendly. He loves to snuggle near people he trusts and seeks love from humans. He would be a great companion.

Gender: Female
Breed: Dashshund
Colour: Brown
Age: 6 yrs 7 mths
HDB Approved 

Renee is such a happy girl. She just looks to people for hugs and kisses all the time. She makes you feel loved and that you are the best thing that every happened to her.

Gender: Female
Breed: Cross-Breed
Colour: Black/Tan
Age: 6 mths
Not HDB Approved 

An intelligent and loving girl, Alma is the ideal dog. She is a lovely natured girl who is always happy and loves to be around people. She gets along well with other dogs. Alma is such a great girl and will make a wonderful addition to any family!


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