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Some of these animals may be adopted or could be pending adoption as you are reading their profiles. Please give us a call at 6287 5355 ext 24 to verify the adoption status of the animal you are interested in. Thank you very much!

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Gender: Male
Breed: Local
Colour: Ginger/White
Age: 2 yrs 6 mths

Bean is a lovely boy and very gentle in his mannerism.  He is definitely a lap cat in the making.  He would be a wonderful friend and companion.

Gender: Male
Breed: Local
Colour: Black
Age: 3 mths

Cisco is a calm and talkative  kitty .  He is mostly black. Be prepared for long conversations with this gregarious boy. He would be a purfect kitten!

Gender: Female
Breed: Local
Colour: White Tabby
Age: 2 yrs

Nera is gently playful. She loves to be stroked and held. She is an absolute beauty and delight. A pretty pet for older children.

Gender: Female
Breed: Local
Colour: Tortoiseshell
Age: 4 yrs 1 mth

Vernice is affectionate and gentle and would make a great home cat. She is a lovely mix of colours. You have ginger, black, white and tabby all rolled into one great package. She would be a wonderful pet.

Gender: Female
Breed: Persian
Colour: Greyish Brown
Age: 8 yrs 1 mth

Rose is a real sweetie.  She's very gentle in her mannerism and mews ever so softly to get your attention. This friendly Persian kitty will make you  a wonderful companion and friend.   


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