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Some of these animals may be adopted or could be pending adoption as you are reading their profiles. Please give us a call at 6287 5355 ext 24 to verify the adoption status of the animal you are interested in. Thank you very much!

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Gender: Female
Breed: Persian
Colour: Tri Coloured
Age: 5 yrs

This is Artemis, a 5 years old Tri cloured Persian Cat. I am a girl who knows my own mind and she likes to be petted, but on her terms.

Gender: Male
Breed: Local
Colour: Black
Age: 5 mths

Rum is a lap cat that will stay on your lap when you are watching TV. He wants all your love, so you can only have one cat, and that's Rum the friendly kitten.

Gender: Female
Breed: Local
Colour: Tri Coloured
Age: 1 yr

Jasmine is a very manja cat, she will come to human and rub around human's leg. She would like your attention always. Please take her home if you need more love in your life !

Gender: Male
Breed: Local
Colour: Ginger / White
Age: 10 yrs 1 mth
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Shawn is a very playful and affectionate boy who loves to be around people to recieve plenty of attention and fuss. There are times he can be lazy and is happy to have a lay in the sun and watch the world go by, and if he's not lazing around he will come and sit with you to have a nice chat. Shawn is looking for a forever home and enjoy his rest of his life.

Gender: Male
Breed: Local
Colour: Ginger
Age: 3 mths

Fossil is a very lively and adventurous kitten. He excels at sideways dancing while holding his toy in his mouth. He chases and pounces on on object at top speed and is an enthusiastic wrestler. He regularly practices his football skills with a ping pong ball late into the night. He loves his food and a fuss. In his quieter moments, he is a big cuddly purr box. You will never be bored with Fossil around.


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