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Happy Endings  

Here are some of the many successful adoptions we have had at the SPCA.

If you have adopted from us before and have a story to share with us, please email us at, along with a short write-up of your life with the new member of the family and photos to go with the story.

** One of our adopted pet cats Gandalf has played an important role in the life of Gina Ho and family. We thank her for sharing how Gandalf has helped her husband Edgar Lu cope better in his illness. It is another testament to the fact that pets are a wonderful comfort and good stress relievers. You may wish to read Mr Lu's blog here.


Nero, A Black Charmer

As an expat, I knew that I will have to accept the potential cost of moving a cat with us if I ever were to leave Singapore, but we decided to take a look at what cats were available in the SPCA in August 2016. I let my kids and husband, who'd never had a cat, select a kitten. They decided on Nero, a quiet black Tom cat who wasn't pawing or grabbing fingers. When we first took him home, he was so timid and scared! He hid under our beds and furniture, and we had to coax him out for three days. He soon warmed up to us, adapting to the noisy kids who carried him like a baby, even till now!

Nero's grown into a handsome but talkative boy who prowls around the house, asking for food, pats and snacks. He even reprimands us for not going to bed! Over the cooler period in January, we were amazed that he sat on my husband's lap and snuggled up to him! He is like a child of our own that we love dearly!

Keri and family


Coco, Beauty With Brains

7 months ago we adopted Coco (previously known as Ellie). I would say that we are very lucky to have Coco, she is giving us so much joy. I remember when Coco first came to our family she was so shy but now she is so playful and so sweet.

We sent Coco to obedience class every week for 2.5 months, she performed very well in the class and she passed her test with the highest score in the class! We are so proud of her! Thank you SPCA for letting us adopt Coco and bring our family so much joy and happiness.

Frances and family


Mega, The Gentle Black Giant

Mega, a handsome black cat, saw us on Dec 2015 and he presented himself very well. He connected with us and sat on our laps when we were in the shelter. We instantly fell in love with him. Mega has taught us a lot throughout our journey having cats especially of him being a black cat. Our parents watched 101 cats and learnt more about black cats and totally changed their mindset of "black cats are evil". 

Mega is an independent cat, very brotherly to his other feline siblings, he can be needy at times (our fav moment), and the best part about him? He is a lap cat. He is our hero, our bodyguard, my nurse when I am sick. Thank you SPCA for sheltering Mega when he was abandoned! And giving us the chance of being first-time pawparents when everyone else turned us away!

Nur Farliza and family


The Best Buddy

I remember the day we first met Tuesday in SPCA. He was really shy and timid at first. Back then in 2007, we were told he was the only pet that came back from a road show without a family due to some paperwork issues. The poor thing!! That sealed the deal for us and 2 days later, we welcomed Tuesday into our family :) 

Fast forward 10 years, Tuesday has been nothing short of wonderful. He is a lot more outgoing and friendly now. He loves taking long walks, chasing birds and napping. He is still a little shy around strangers, but is the most loving and patient buddy anyone could ask for.

Thank you SPCA! 



The Perfect Fit

My family and I would like to thank the SPCA. We adopted Bree 2 weeks ago and she's already become part of our family. She's the loveliest dog and being around her is the highlight of our day. When we first brought her home she was a little shy, but always came to sit with us and walk around wherever we went. Now she's either running around the yard or cuddled up next to us. She's always so happy and sweet and we wanted to thank the SPCA for helping us pick the right dog for our family. 



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