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Happy Endings  

Here are some of the many successful adoptions we have had at the SPCA.

If you have adopted from us before and have a story to share with us, please email us at, along with a short write-up of your life with the new member of the family and photos to go with the story.

** One of our adopted pet cats Gandalf has played an important role in the life of Gina Ho and family. We thank her for sharing how Gandalf has helped her husband Edgar Lu cope better in his illness. It is another testament to the fact that pets are a wonderful comfort and good stress relievers. You may wish to read Mr Lu's blog here.


Frosty, A Perfect Fit for the Chew Family

We adopted Frosty (previously known as Rick), our lop ear rabbit, from SPCA just before Christmas of 2015. Initially he was jittery like most prey animals and would nip us if we tried to carry him. Over time he had settled down, relaxed and gotten used to our noisy family! Being litter trained, he roams free in our living room and is often lounging around next to the window, enjoying his spot in the sun. He doesn't mind even if we smother him with kisses. He entertains us at dinner time by darting around the house and doing the occasional binkie. Recently, we managed to train him to run to us for treats! My daughter is especially fond of him - she brushes him and talks to him daily, even counselling him after he had gotten into mischief (like chewing the wires). Our lives are enriched, because of this little creature we welcomed into our home and we hope that his is too!

Chew Family 


A Bond Beyond Words

Eight years ago in 2008, my mom adopted "Debu", who we renamed "Marcus"... He was then a 4-year-old silky terrier/mini schnauzer mix. After being abandoned by his original owner, he ended up at the SPCA, where he was adopted but then returned after a few weeks for being too barky.

Indeed, Marcus had terrible separation anxiety when we brought him home; if any of us were to leave his sight, he would whine and bark incessantly. However, a few months after my mom took him in, she sold off her apartment to rent a room instead, and because the landlord did not permit pets, Marcus came to permanently live with me and my family.

I felt very bad for Marcus, given his already existing insecurity. During the initial months, I talked and spent time frequently with him, to reassure him. Our bond grew deeper, and he soon learned to be away from my side when I was out working. He was also extremely close and friendly with my kids, but he and I were to forever retain our "connection"... Eventually he grew more secure and settled, displaying a cheeky, loyal, loving, spunky personality.

Marcus crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge nearly 2 weeks ago. I was devastated and cried daily the first week. I still miss him so very much and dearly... he really was my bestie. He passed peacefully after he suffered a seizure and was taken ill overnight. I am glad he went fast with no prolonged suffering -- hours before he passed, he was calm and quiet, with not a single whine. I had wanted to bring him to the vet, but Marcus "communicated" to me that he was ready to go, and I wanted him to die at home, surrounded by family, instead of being put down in the cold sterile environment of a veterinary hospital. This was the last thing I could do for my friend. He was 12 years old approximately.

Run free Marcus! We love you.




The Majestic Duo

We received our copy of Paw Prints this morning and flicking through I noticed a photo of Han, Rey and Leia, 3 kittens rescued at 4 weeks old under the Saving Lives page.

You will be pleased to hear that Han and Rey (renamed Nancy and Percy) are doing well and have grown into beautiful and loving cats. We adopted them in February and they are nearly 6 months old. They have given us so much joy and pleasure.

Thank you SPCA for your work.



Neat Freak Specky - Forever in Our Hearts

Specky crossed the rainbow bridge on 5 April. Took me awhile to write this because we were all missing him real bad.

We noticed that he was very listless and slept all the time and so we brought him to the vet to check. He was diagnosed with tick fever and we immediately arranged for a blood transfusion. Thank goodness my sister in-law has a big healthy dog donor. He looked and felt much better after that but his blood count was not improving, we tried plasma transfusion, another round of blood transfusion, we basically tried everything that was available but still no use. The frustrating part was that he looked so well and upbeat, you couldn’t tell from his appearance that he was not doing well.

This little feller was quite the charmer and has everyone at the vet’s fall in love with him. We managed to find out some quirks he had like how he was a clean freak and would use his snout to push aside the soiled or even wet pee pads to one corner of his cage and sleep only on the clean side. How he would still try to walk around the clinic when we open his cage door…forgetting that he’s attached to a drip! He didn’t put up a struggle when the nurses had to draw blood and even offered his other paw when they were unable to draw any blood from one side. How not to fall in love with him right?

I just wanted to that SPCA for letting us have the privilege of being able to enjoy this little feller and have all these awesome stories to tell our family and friends. 

Keep up the good work guys!



Kitty the 'Party Mix' Kat

The weekend before Christmas, we set off to the SPCA to adopt a new cat (our two previous cats, one adopted from the SPCA more than 12 years ago; and the other an adopted former stray from an allergic friend, having both passed away from old age in the past two years).

Before visiting the SPCA, I had spent some time on your new website. What a fabulous website feature--allowing us to read about the individual animals up for adoption and see pictures of them, with time to think through carefully which cat would be most comfortable in his or her new home with us. We had our 'short list' in hand on arrival, and finding our number one choice already adopted, proceeded down to number two and found--now that she's been with us for two weeks--the perfect cat for us. I doubt this would have happened without the website feature given all the people present the day we visited, the noise, the confusion, the barking of excited dogs, all of which undoubtedly contribute to disturbing the cats' normal temperaments and giving perhaps false impressions. (When pointed out to us, KitKat was trying to avoid a keen-to-disturb-her-sleep family.) KitKat turned out to be as promised--quiet, gentle--well suited to our home of three quiet book and cat-loving adults. She is the sweetest cat we've ever had, with the quietest of purrs. 

Clearly your staff and volunteers love their job and really pay attention to the animals to have been able to give such a perfect description of the animals' temperaments; and the volunteer on duty who also told me that KitKat particularly liked a cat treat called "Party Mix" was spot on! An early offering of "Party Mix" obviously made KitKat decide we were her sort of people. We can't believe this beautiful, well-behaved cat had to wait for months before finding a home. She is already priceless to us and sleeping beside me as I type this.

So a big thank you to all your staff and volunteers for a job well done and for helping us find our perfect new family member.



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