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Rehoming Notice Board
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In our bid to save lives and help those animals needing new homes, we've set up this page for personal adoption notices. We are only providing the service of posting the notices on our website. Please liaise directly with the contact person listed on the notices if you're interested.

If you feel that any of the rehomers may be misrepresenting themselves, you can report it to us via our Contact Us page. If necessary, we will remove the post.

If you're trying to find a loving new home for your little (and not so little) creature(s), fill out the form found at the top. Please take note that each user is permitted only one rehoming notice per month. Should you have more than one animal, please combine the pictures and information together in the same format.

Here are some sample questions to ask potential adopters to make sure your pet is going to a good home.


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Sintra - Mixed Siamese and Ragdoll

Date: 14 January 2019
Animal Type: Cat
Animal Name: Sintra
Gender: Female
Color: Beige-white 
Breed: Mixed Siamese and Ragdoll
Age: 4 yrs
Training: Nil
Microchip: No (Why you should microchip)
Sterilisation: Yes
Medical History: Negative for both FeLV and FIV
Personality: She is docile, good natured, and prefers a quiet time with her caretaker. Like siamese cats, she thrives on a loyal and steadfast love; Like ragdolls, she is calm and peaceful without the need for active
interactions. Independent but open-hearted, she is happy to have the companionship of people and other cats around
Contact: Jade Wong9667 0497,



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Sheeba - Bengal

Date: 14 January 2019
Animal Type: Cat
Animal Name: Sheeba
Gender: Female
Color: Tiger print 
Breed: Bengal
Age: 5 yrs
Training: Toilet-trained,Understand basic commands
Microchip: AAVC - Animal & Avian Veterinary Clinic
Sterilisation: Yes
Medical History: Nil
Personality: Very very manja for a bengal cat. Please note only msg if you don't have any cats as sheeba needs all the love she can get
Contact: Mervyn David8721 6782,



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Minka, Micah & Ellie - Domestic Shorthair

Date: 14 January 2019
Animal Type: Cat
Animal Name: Minki, Micah & Ellie
Gender: Female
Color: Tortoise-shell and Black 
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Age: 3 yrs
Training: Toilet-trained
Microchip: James Tan Veterinary Centre Pte Ltd
Sterilisation: Yes
Medical History: FIV / FELV Negative
Personality: Minky Doodle Doo and her Brother, Micah, are up for adoption! The inseparable duo are 3 years old, fiv / felv negative and love giving kisses. Minka is a gentle and loving girl while her Brother loves sitting on laps! Minka is susceptible to the sneezes and they would be a great pair for a first timer as they are very easy and affectionate cats. Ellie is a 3-year-old female who is very loving but shy. She loves cuddles, sitting on laps and is a drooling purr machine when she's very happy! As she is very shy and is often bullied, she is suitable to be a single cat. Adopter to cat proof and sign adoption contract. Contact 81007084 to find
out more!
Contact: Shelby, 8100


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Vilo - Chihuahua

Date: 14 January 2019
Animal Type: Dog
Animal Name: Vilo
Gender: Male
Color: Brown 
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 5 yrs
Training: Toilet-trained
Microchip: The Joyous Vet Pte Ltd
Sterilisation: No
Medical History: Nil
Personality: Cheerful, Obedient
Contact: Serene,


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Mona - Domestic Shorthair

Date: 11 January 2019
Animal Type: Cat
Animal Name: Mona
Gender: Female
Color: Brown and white
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Age: 1 yr 5 mths
Training: No
Microchip: No
Sterilisation: No
Medical History: Nil
Personality: Love to sleep in the day..
Contact: Ariff, 9278 2735, 


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