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World Animal Day 2017

Venue: SPCA, 50 Sungei Tengah Road (How to get to SPCA?)
Date: 30 September & 1 October 2017, Saturday & Sunday
Time: 11am - 5pm

This year's World Animal Day is extra special for SPCA because it is our first time celebrating the event on our new premises and it is also our 70th anniversary. 

World Animal Day is an annual celebration of the important role that animals play in our lives. Animals are an integral part of our society and this is the message that we want to drive home through the following activities this year.


Enjoy the convenience of paying with your mobile phone at World Animal Day with Singtel Dash, Singapore’s only all-in-one mobile payments solution! Every purchase of a SPCA merchandise or donation via the Singtel Dash app will receive an additional $1 donation from Dash. Plus, look out for exclusive 1-for-1 deals and other exciting offers with Dash at the official SPCA merchandise booth.

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It’s our 70th anniversary.  So, we will be having a cake cutting ceremony on 30 September 2017 (Saturday) at 3.30pm. This cake is no ordinary cake – it’s a cake for dogs. We will have Viking, our longest resident, to do the honours and have the first bite. We will be distributing the cake slices to pet dogs too – so, bring your pet dog over to the SPCA and let him/her join the fun. 


What better way to celebrate World Animal Day than to have an adoption drive, to enable our wonderful animals at SPCA to find their forever homes? This will be a great opportunity for potential pet owners to interact with the animals and bring home a lovely family member. Families that adopt animals from SPCA on World Animal Day will get attractive goodie bags, while stocks last.


Did you know that majority of the people that abandon or give up their pets do so because they underestimate the responsibilities that come with having a pet? At the Public Education Zone, we hope to change that. Our Animal Ambassadors stationed at this zone will enlighten visitors on the responsibilities of a pet owner and the requirements of various pets, with the hope of putting an end to the abandonment of animals.


Kids will have loads of fun at this station, we assure you. At the Colouring Corner, kids will get to colour on paper an animal of their choice – dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, or red-eared slider. If kids are spoilt for choice, they can colour more than one animal. And of course, they can bring home this lovely piece of art. 


Select from our wide array of bookmarks, notepads, t-shirts, stickers, car decals and more. If you want to take a look at our collection before coming over for World Animal Day, please visit our online store. There’s something for everyone – humans and animals – and what’s more, the proceeds from the sale will go towards helping the animals at SPCA. So, do your bit for the animals on World Animal Day. 


Did you know that SPCA is not funded by the government and that we require around $2.4 million to run SPCA every year? Yes, that’s a lot of money, but thanks to kind individuals like you, who donate to the SPCA, we are able to help the animals. We sincerely request you to become a GIRO donor so that we can continually help animals that pass our doors. Individuals that sign up as GIRO donors on World Animal Day will get attractive goodie bags.


In commemoration of SPCA's 70th anniversary, we will be conducting tours of SPCA premises. In the tour, you will get to learn more about our services and how SPCA has evolved over the years. Please do register for the tour when you drop by the SPCA on World Animal Day. We will be including animal interaction session in the tour too. Tours will be conducted approximately every 30 mins. Tours will start at 11am and end at 4pm.


The World Animal Day is educational in nature, no doubt, but it is also loads of fun. This year, let your imagination run wild. Think about the interesting designs that you would like painted on your face and our face painter will work her magic on you. All this for only $2, which will once again go towards helping the animals at our shelter.


It's time to unleash your wild side with a temporarily inked tattoo. It's only $2 per tattoo. Do take a look at the wonderful designs that the group has come up with and get them on your hands in minutes. All the proceeds from this booth will go towards helping the animals in our shelter.


Calling all kids between the ages of 2 and 8 - it is time to bounce and have some fun this World Animal Day, in our Bouncy Castle. It's only $5 per kid for 10 mins whirl of fun. All the proceeds from this booth will go towards helping the animals in our shelter.


Enjoy a scenic “country-side” ride around SPCA and nearby places on the backseat of a Harley-Davidson bike for a cool $10 per ride, per person. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who have been longing for a ride on Harley-Davidson or are planning to get a bike soon. All the proceeds from this booth will go towards helping the animals in our shelter.


If you are a collector of Barbie dolls, 12" Military Action figures and vehicles, and Star Wars, Star Trek and Spawn figurines, come on over to the Collectibles booth this World Animal Day and add a collectible to your existing collection. There are so many collectibles (the list above is not exhaustive) to choose from that you will simply be spoilt for choice. But remember, there is limited stock! So, hurry! All the proceeds from this booth will go towards helping the animals in our shelter.


What better way to learn about animals than to read about them? Expand your knowledge about animals, both great and small, this World Animal Day by purchasing books on stories about animals and animal care. There will be beautifully packaged books selling at $21, which is worth a lot more than that. And there will be a collection of books that are priced lower than retail stores. So, do stop by the booths selling animal books to learn as much as you can about our furry friends and, at the same time, help these wonderful friends of ours.


We all love a body massage now and then, and so do our dogs. So, this World Animal Day, bring your pet dogs over to the SPCA for a relaxing Canine Massage, carried out by Paws fur life. Canine massage increases blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, encourages the release of toxins from the body and so much more. And it's only $10 for a 10-min massage. Apart from massage therapy, Paws fur life will be selling premium organic treats, natural supplements and holistic pet products.

* Part of the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA.


Wanna get your pet rabbit or guinea pig looking clean and dashing? You can either send an email to to register for a grooming session or walk in with your pet rabbit or guinea pig on World Animal Day. The grooming sessions will be conducted by Angie's Pets group.

Grooming of short coat rabbits - $35

Grooming for short coat rabbits includes:

1. Physical health check (teeth, tummy, fur mites, eyes and other physical ailments)
2. Clipping of nails
3. Cleaning of ears and scent glands
4. Trimming of fur at paw pads and private area
5. Brushing 

Grooming of long coat rabbits - $55

Grooming for long coat rabbits includes:

1. Physical health check (teeth, tummy, fur mites, eyes and other physical ailments)
2. Clipping of nails
3. Cleaning of ears and scent glands
4. Trimming of fur at paw pads, private area and body
5. Brushing 

Grooming of guinea pigs - $28

Grooming for guinea pigs includes:

1. Physical health check (teeth, tummy, fur mites, eyes and other physical ailments)
2. Clipping of nails
3. Cleaning of ears and scent glands
4. Trimming of fur at paw pads, private area and body

Additional charge for detangling fur of rabbits and guinea pigs. Price is dependent on the condition of the fur. From $5 onwards.

Apart from carrying out grooming, the team will be selling grooming kits so that you can continue to groom your pet rabbit or guinea pig at home. There will be rabbit care experts at the booth to enlighten you on how to care for your pet rabbit.

* Part of the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA.


There are so many ways you can help the animals at SPCA this World Animal Day. This year, we will be having Pet Food Donation Drive, run by KC & Watson. For every pound of food that you purchase for our animals, KC & Watson will match it with another pound. So, with every purchase, the food for our animals will double. Do your bit for the animals today, who depend on the food supplied by KC & Watson.

Purchase Hill's pet food products on World Animal Day and get 20% off these products and a beautiful mug, while stocks last. KC & Watson will be selling Nylabone toys too, at 10% off.


Get your furry friend a Pet Widget badge this World Animal Day. The Pet Widget badge is a technology-enabled pet id tag that can help reunite lost pets with their owners. It is a single set-up, fuss-free solution to keep your pet safe. By using NFC/QR code technology, and data stored in the cloud, the badge delivers a fully customised page of important information to anyone who finds your pet and scans it. From your contact details to your pet’s allergies, the Pet Widget badge has got you covered. You can be contacted with just one tap, and your pet will be well taken care of until you’re back together. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in a Pet Widget badge this World Animal Day and ensure the safety of your pet.

* Part of the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA.


In search of a scratching post for your cat? Look no further as on World Animal Day, Cosmic Cats e-Pet Store will be having a wide range of scratching posts for your furry companion. There will be cat litter scoops, cat toys, sisal rope (for cat scratch posts) and pet nail clippers for sale at this booth too.

* Part of the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA.


On World Animal Day, The Barkery will be selling dog treats and more. If you have a pet dog be sure to drop by this booth - you will be amazed at the variety of dog treats The Barkery has. The treats are so well packaged that they can be given as gifts to fur friends on their birthdays. 

* Part of the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA.


The wonderful moments that you and your pet cherish should be captured on camera. That's why this year, for World Animal Day, we have invited Furry Photos to set up a booth to get pet families to sign up for photography packages. Do drop by this booth to learn more about the packages available for you and your pet.

* Part of the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA.


We have many more exciting activities for you at World Animal Day. Do stop by the SPCA from 12.30pm to 4pm on 30 September 2017 (Saturday) and from 1pm to 3pm on 1 October 2017 (Sunday) for stage shows. There's going to be a band performance, singing, guitar performance, violin performances and a number of sharing sessions about pets and leading a responsible lifestyle.

Sharing Session by Ms Rebecca Cappelli, from 2pm to 2.30pm on both days

The sharing session on leading a responsible lifestyle will be led by Ms Rebecca Cappelli. Rebecca is a public speaker and delivers talks to help people adopt a healthy, sustainable and responsible lifestyle. She has lived in Asia for over 14 years including China and Hong Kong. She is a mandarin speaking professional with a former career in digital, data and software organizations as well as in government relations. She is now based in Singapore with her husband and their 2 years old daughter. Rebecca holds a master degree in media management, in Chinese language and culture and a Plant Based Nutrition certificate from eCornell. She is on the Advisory Board of the global network Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management and works with various nonprofits organizations in Singapore.

In the sharing session Rebecca will focus on Heart, Home and Health. For Heart, the focus will be on the place of animals in animal agriculture, research and animal testing, in fashion as well as in the entertainment industry. For Home, the focus will be on the environmental impact of our food choices and how to protect the planet. And for Health, the focus will be on the impact of nutrition and simple food hacks to start a healthy lifestyle that is kind to your body, to the planet and to the animals.

Lead a healthy lifestyle - be kind to your body and to the world around you. Learn more about responsible lifestyle at this sharing session.


So, what are you waiting for? Make a note on your calendar today and invite your family and friends for Singapore’s very own World Animal Day!


As we have limited parking space at SPCA, you may be requested to park your vehicles at Chengtai Nursery, just opposite the SPCA. Chengtai Nursery has kindly offered part of their parking space to SPCA visitors on World Animal Day. Our volunteers stationed at Chengtai Nursery will guide you to the allotted parking space there.


*In the event of rain, the event will still go as planned.