SPCA's website is currently under maintenance.

Please call our emergency hotline, 6287-5355 ext 9 if you see an animal in distress, sick or injured or to report an act of animal cruelty.

Please use any of the links and forms below to make reports or to access our services:

To make a cruelty and welfare report: https://forms.gle/zWiHe6TvrRBb7BGY7

To report a lost animal: https://forms.gle/6yvW2ShetQQcaJfR7
To report an animal found: https://forms.gle/ZA3ndArkhFdwhWdN7

To view profiles of animals that are currently up for adoption: https://instagram.com/spcasgadopt
And then make an adoption viewing appointment: https://spcasgappointment.as.me

Purchase SPCA’s merchandise on Shopify: https://spcasingapore.com

Support our work by making a donation at https://www.giving.sg/society-for-the-prevention-of-cruelty-to-animals

For any other enquiries or feedback, please email enquiries@spca.org.sg